One of my aims, in having this brand new space was to share one of my biggest passions (?) – don’t know if I can define it a passion  – sharing advice about places, restaurants, shopping tips… well, since I’m in Milano right now, my tips will be focused on this city!

The first place I’ve choose is #La Terrazza di via Palestro. Because it has been a complete surprise! Is hidden in the building of the Swiss Center, in a beautiful zone of Milano: right in front of Giardini di Porta Venezia.

Elegant, simple and classy is the perfect place for a dinner or aperitif – even for business occasions. I’ve tried the aperitif and… there is no buffet (+1O points) a waiter just will serve to your table four different dishes. (delicious) Trota salmonata, vitel tonné, prosciutto di Parma, classical italian spaghetti… Gnam!

The cocktails are well done I went for the classical Spitz, regretting to not try something different: the cocktail of my date was good!  The attention for the costumer is right and good, not too harsh.

My advice is to try it, it’s different from all the other restaurants in here. The quality is good and the environment super relaxing…

Prices are a bit above the average, but it’s worth it!

Their web site is laterrazzadiviapalestro.com – you need to make a reservation.

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